„Wypoczynek Eurostruś” in Borzychy is a unique place where you can relax in the open air, listen to the beautiful sounds of nature and get close to the interesting animals. We rear a lot of birds and mammals, both those which the eastern Polish village was famous for in the past, as well as exotic ones, living in freedom on other continents.

During the guided tour, you will learn something about habits and characteristics of our animals by observing their behavior. The Tango ostrich will show you its tricks, the white-chanted cock can be taken on the head and our four-legged friends willingly eat delicacies from guests’ hands. Young children can take a ride on the cute little pony called Ania.

The whole farm is built in the old country style and you get opportunity to see how machines formerly used in agriculture look like.

Our guests can sit with us in a covered place, roast sausages in the fire, eat scrambled ostrich eggs, have fun at the playground, take part in handicraft classes and organize an outdoor party.

For those who like a longer rest in the countryside there is possibility of living in fully equipped and fenced summer houses or at the campsite equipped with sanitary and kitchen facilities.

An additional attraction is the pond, where anglers can indulge in their hobby in peace and quiet, surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

You’re welcome!